Love Visits to Orphanage

There are so many useful things we can do when we are young. We have strong power, dream, faith and spirit in this time, that’s something we should take advantage to doing something helpful to society. I always like activities that can make people happy, such as charity. When we do that, we share our happiness to others and I feel so good on that moment.

I always try to fill my to do list with activities which can make me be a better person. I realize that time pass really fast. I manage myself to do something that could make me happy in the future. Our daily activities or habit it represent our lives in the future. So, it is really important to me to always do something useful when I am still young. Because, this current time is really matter to our lives in the years to come.

I am grateful be surrounded by so many positive people. People that always do some good things and care to other people. I also believe that with whom we spent our times is react back with us. For example, if we spent our times with people who always spent their time for study, we may follow a bit of his habit to study. If we spent our times with people who always doing something not useful, such as playing games in cybercafe, we may follow his habit to playing games.

In this time, I am happy to get involved with charity project which organized by young adult people of Borobudur Temple. We go to Anak Emas Orphanage to share our happiness and give some stuff for them. This is really great experience for us, no exception I. In the really simple house, there are live dozens of child who do not have anything, even their parents. But, they look really happy!

The child in this orphanage is varies by age and gender. There are children that maybe still a year old and there are also child which is adolescent. Whatever the age and gender they are, I  can see the same thing that represent from them, which is happiness. The other thing that really amazed me that the wall of this orphanage is full of motivated words. For example, “Don’t ask what god can give to you, but ask yourself what you can give to God” I regret not capture it by my phone.

There are so many things we did with the child in this orphanage. The event begins with introducing the children both from Borobudur temple and Anak Emas orphanage by himself. Then, we having lunch together. After that, we divide them into several groups which contain the Buddhist children from Borobudur temple and the children from this orphanage. We unite them in a group so that they can learn from each other to realize what I have, what I don’t have and why we should grateful of it.  Another reason is so that they can mingle with everyone, without seeing social background, race, ethnicity and another things. We’re all equal. We’re breathe and consume the same oxygen. So there is no reason for us to not break the wall and share the happiness for each other.

After we unite them in a group, we can start the games for them. The first game is to bring the ball on carton which tied some rope to hold. They manage the ball to not fall from the carton until they reach the finish line. The second game is walking on carton. They’re provided two carton and their task is to walking only based on that carton until their reach the finish line. Both the first game and the second game are aims to create and develop a sense of cohesiveness among the group on the team. Everyone looks enjoy playing and watching the game. Not only that, we also celebrate birthday for everyone who born in April. One by one person came forward to pray and blow out the candles together, of course accompanied with birthday song.

There are two lessons we can learn from them. First of all, the grateful. I feel grateful that I still have parents who always give their love for me. In that orphanage, even the child may never see their parents face or feel the love affection directly from their parents. I really impressed with them, they has been through difficult thing at a very young age.

Second, life with sufficiency. We can still buy stuff that we really want. Clothes, books, foods we can easily buy it. We also get more high quality education. Favorite school, private course, piano course, ballet course, we may get it if we ask our parents. What about them? They can’t do that for this time. Their life is depends on many people who share love to them. This things should be recollect for us.

As I said in the beginning, it is really important for us to always do something useful when we are still young. This activity is really useful and helpful both for the volunteer and children in the orphanage. Everyone learns, happy and enjoy the moment. I hope that I can get involved in another charity events like this. Keep fighting everyone.

All the best.

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