I Have Been Graduated

Friendship, hard work and perseverance. These are to summarize ton of things that I learn in the college. For me, college time is the best moment in my life. I can learn many things, not only technical knowledge, but also meaningful life lesson such as never give up attitude.

I always work really hard to maintain high GPA, sometimes it is hard when you try your best but the result is not as you expected. I experienced this while I was in college, a lot. It is not only about grade, but this is the way for us to show our best.

Purpose, that is why I am choose this way, the hard way. Because we know what the future we want to be. It is really easy to lay down on your bed and listen to the music while there are so many task that you have to do. But that is what many people do. Moreover, I have waste so much time in the past, so I have to run two times faster to catch up.

Friends are people who always can make me laugh. Even when I can’t feel the happiness anymore. People right, the truly happiness in life is togetherness. Even though we need to be alone sometimes, to calm down our minds from noisy daily life.

Parents and family. They are people who always be the first to be in your side. They are one of my motivation to keep working hard, to be one percent better everyday, to be a better person. So I can make my parents proud with me. I don’t know how to repay their kindness.

October, 14 2017 I have been graduated. That is one of my greatest moment in my life. My lovely parents, family and friends are coming to my graduation ceremony.

In that moment, at least I can show for them especially my parents that I managed to be a better me. From person who really lazy and don’t interested in study anymore, person who has 35 absent in one semester, to person who can graduated with cum laude honors. That is not a really big achievement, but I really glad with that. I am happy, because I am doing so hard and it is worth it.

“You can if you think you can”,  that line of words from Norman Vincent Peale have significant impact for my life. What we think, we become. When I am in college, I tell one of my friends that I will graduated with cum laude honors. He laugh at me and told that is impossible, you can’t do that. Today I can say to myself that I did it, I have managed to prove it that I can. That is the power of self confidence.

But I have to be aware, this is just beginning. As one of my friends said to me, “it has just started”. I have to fight and work harder for my future. Although the future is a mystery, but if we optimist with our future, I believe we will have a bright future. There is always a sun shining on the earth after darkness.

Tic toc tic toc… a few seconds are gone forever. We can’t get them back. But, we can manage them. Everyone has 24 hours a day, that is about how we managed that time to doing something useful.

I am so grateful for what I already have. Good health, a shelter, clean water, family, amazing relationship and the most important, my lovely parents. They are people who really care with me.

Here in this picture, me with my parents and my sister take a picture after the commencement ceremony. I can see and feel that they are very happy at that time. And look at my mother, she is very beautiful right? She dressed pretty long before coming. She want to look beautiful in my graduation day. I want to say thank you for always supporting me.

A few moments later, after the event was finished, I came out of the room and found out that my friends already there waiting for me. It is really touched me.

Here, all of my best friends came to my graduation ceremony. Don’t wonder why there are so many girls there. Because I also don’t know why, we just meet and making friends. Of the many people out there, those who are destined to meet and befriend me. Surely it’s a mate.

And the last one, I don’t want to miss every single person of these picture. So I unite all of the picture into a single one. Time keeps running, and we will live a new life soon. Life with full of work to map out the future. Let this picture be a history of our friendship.

Thank you for my family and all of my friends. You make my life colorful.

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