I am Still Learning

Our brain is like an engine. The more we take care of it, the smoother it runs. The more we work on it, the faster and more powerful it, and you, become. I don’t know about you, but I always want my engine run smoothly and powerful. So I take care and work on it.

The sad thing is that many people don’t think this way. Instead, as soon as they stop school, they stop working on their brains. Real learning happens outside of school. That’s a long journey. This is where life gets awesome.

There are so many things that we can learn in this blue world. That is what make this so exciting. We can learn anything we want. But, it’s no doubt that it is really hard to keep growing or learn something new. Sometimes we may feel really down. We spent so much time on certain things, put so much effort on it, but the result not as we expected. It’s hard to see that things.

Sometimes it happens to me. Sometimes I work really hard for things that I think really important for me, I spent so much time on it. But I still can’t do it really well, the result is not what I expected. At that times, I feel down. However, I believe that is just part of the process. I look back on my determination why I started it and how important it is on my future. So I wake up and fight harder.

I am certain that everyone has experienced it, the difficult times. Even Shakespeare still have to learn ABC, and Einstein have to learn adding and subtracting to become who they are. Life is not sprint, it is a marathon. 

There are also other amazing benefits to learning.

Learn about ourselves

As we learn something new, we learn about ourselves. When we struggle and face certain problems while learning, we may realize what motivates us to learn this, why we should master this particular skill. It increases our understanding of the whys and whats of previous failures of successes. It helps us understanding ourselves better.

Become more valuable

I believe that highly successful people invest so much time on their engine (brain). They love to learn something new. The quote “the more you learn, the more you earn” is cheesy but true. The more we learn, the better ability we have to solve problem and think creatively about such issue. Our skills and knowledge will open more doors and opportunities to achieve our dream.

Make a world better place

I have to stress more on this point. In this world that never stop, everything changing quickly. Everyone work really hard. And we also have to work really hard and run faster than others. Learn something new is one way to keep us exist in this competitive world. Besides study, there are also another way to make the world a better place such as volunteer, donate blood, foster an animal or just spread some kindness.

Enjoy more things

As we continue to learn and continue, we will discover new things that really enjoy and interesting. It could be new skills that we learn, new person that we read on a book or could be certain type of literature which touch our heart. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that the more we learn, the more things that we could discover.


“When the minds dies, we dies. Don’t let our mind die. Keep Learning.” – John Michael Domingo

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