Hal Yang Perlu Kita Ketahui dan Pelajari di Usia 20-an

Banyak orang mengatakan bahwa usia 20-an merupakan golden age dalam kehidupan kita. Di usia ini, apa yang kita lakukan memberi dampak yang besar pada masa depan kita. Oleh sebab itu, di usia inilah saat yang paling tepat bagi kita untuk mengerahkan seluruh tenaga yang kita miliki untuk membangun kehidupan yang lebih baik. Karena jika kita sudah berusia 30 atau 40-an, akan lebih sulit bagi kita untuk melakukan hal yang ingin kita lakukan.

Suatu hari, saya mencoba mencari tahu di Quora, apa hal yang perlu kita ketahui dan pelajari saat memasuki usia 20-an.

Banyak pengguna Quora yang menjawab pertanyaan tersebut. Dan jawaban dari mereka sungguh bermanfaat bagi saya. Saya pikir akan lebih baik jika saya juga membagikannya di blog saya. Berikut ini adalah jawaban dari mereka yang sudah saya rangkum.

1. Kegigihan adalah Ketrampilan Terpenting yang Perlu Kamu Pelajari (Perseverance is the most important skill you can learn)

You will fail, sometimes over and over again. It’s human. No one’s perfect. It’s not about you fall, but how you get up each time. Did you learn? Did you quit when it made sense? Did you try again? Learn to persevere. I wanted to quit after writing my first book because it was such a flop. Guess what? I continued writing for years and eventually I got published in Forbes, Time, Fortune, Inc and Business Insider.

2. Jangan Membuang Waktumu (Don’t waste your time)

Time and health are the most valuable assets you have, use them the right way or you will regret it later in life.

3. Jangan Berhenti Belajar (Never Stop Learning)

In this age you have an incredible ability to absorb information quickly and broaden your knowledge really fast. Invest the time you have into establishing a firm foundation for your future success. Knowledge is crucial. If you are not willing to be left behind, become obsessed with acquiring new skills and improving your knowledge. Aim at becoming the best at what you do and try to approach this goal every single day.

4. Dapat Terus Fokus adalah Keterampilan (Being able to focus is a skill)

When I was in my 20s, I wanted to be a writer, a producer, an actor, a financial analyst, a salesperson and an entrepreneur. And that was just in the category of careers. Imagine what that list looked like for multitasking my daily activities. As I got older, I realized that our time and energy is incredibly limited each day. Being able to focus is absolutely critical if you want to make a big impact.

5. Hidup itu sulit, dan akan semakin sulit (Life is hard, and it gets harder)

 It won’t get easier, you need to get stronger. You will experience your fair share of ups and downs but always remember three things:

  • Don’t give up when you fall down.

  • Stay humble when you are on your way up.

  • Remember that after every dark night there will be a bright morning.

6. Luangkan Waktu Untuk Dirimu (Make some time to work on/for yourself) 

Take care of yourself mentally and physically. You should:

  • Exercise

  • Eat healthy

  • Read a lot and never stop improving

  • keep investing in yourself, it will always pay off.

7. Belajar Mengatakan ‘Tidak’ (Learn to say ‘No’)

Be kind and nice to people, be honest at your job, but there are times when you seriously need to say “no” to people, learn how and when to do that.

8. Kerja Keras Tidak Menjamin Sukses, Tapi itu Membuatnya Menjadi Lebih Mungkin (Working hard doesn’t guarantee success, but it makes it more likely)

Working hard does ensure a few things: you’ll learn a lot, you’ll develop discipline and you’ll typically see more opportunities. Combine working hard with working smart, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

9. Kamu Tidak Tahu Segalanya, Belajar dari Orang Lain (You don’t know everything, learn from others)

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates – Okay, I think Socrates is kind of right here. Just kind of. I think you know something. But none of us know everything. Leverage the intellectual power of your network and always be insanely curious to learn from others. You never know what incredible knowledge they can share with you. For example, the other day I saw down with a friend for a coffee and learned how he built a business that generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales in a few months with only a few hours of work a week.

10. Terkadang Hanya Kamu yang Mampu Memotivasi Dirimu Sendiri (Sometimes only you can motivate yourself)

Sometimes one of your idols can inspire you. Sometimes a family member can get you amped up. Sometimes a love interest can drive you. And sometimes, only you can motivate yourself.

11. Investasi Terpenting adalah Kesehatanmu (Your most important investment is in your health)

Treat your body well and it will thank you many years later. Eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. Your energy, focus and general happiness will improve. My secret to how I got on track with my health? Eating a green smoothie daily for 30 days.

12. Orang yang Selalu Berada Disampingmu adalah Keluarga, Terutama Orangtua Mu (The only people who will stand by you is your family, particularly your parents)

    1. The sooner you realize this the better, lower your expectations and try to stand up on your feet, work hard and overcome your fears and flaws. One day you will find out that the only people who will stand by you is your family, particularly your parents.
  • Always be there for your parents.

  • Make time for your kids

  • Be loyal to your wife/husband.

13. Jangan Mengeluh (Don’t complain)

If you’re not happy with your situation, do something to change it. Complaining wear us out, you should use that willpower and energy on something that brings results. The test you’re worried about, the friends that annoy you, or the job you currently hate don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Ten years from now you will be a changed person with a completely different life . Don’t stress yourself out over small things.

14. Kurangi Bicara, Perbanyak Mendengar (Speak less, listen more)

There’s a saying, “you should only speak if your words are better than your silence”. Believe it or not, you will only grow listening to others who has better knowledge and life experiences than you do.

15. Kejar Mimpimu (Pursue your dreams)

Don’t let nobody to tell you you can’t do it. We’re as much worth as anybody else. If you want something, go out there and get it. Fight for what you dream. This is our purpose in life.

16. Belajar Bahasa Baru (Learn new languages)

Learn something useful. Speaking one language is fine, particularly if it is English for obvious reasons. I’ve always found it a bit ignorant. It enables you to communicate and connect with people far easier and it has the added benefit of burning new cognitive pathways which make you smarter.

17. Jangan Bandingkan Dirimu Dengan Orang Lain (Don’t compare your life to others

You don’t know what they have been through or what actually matters to them. Their life is theirs and your life belongs only to you. It’s great to admire other people, but it should not take days thinking of how great somebody is. Unless it will make you launch another SpaceX.

18. Jadikan Buku Sebagai Sahabatmu (Make the books your best friends)

By reading a book, you gain days’ or years of knowledge acquired by a person, or sometimes by a fleet of people in merely a few hours. By reading more and more books, you can significantly improve your knowledge very quickly.

19. Segala Sesuatu Bersifat Sementara (Everything is temporary)

Relationships, money, careers, love, friendships, disease, life. Learn to love everything you have today, and don’t too sad if you are not in a good moment, this too shall pass.

20. Nikmati (Enjoy)

I’ll speak for myself here in that some days I feel like I’m moving so fast that I can’t see what’s going on around me.  I’m so focused on where I want to go that I start to tunnel-vision, and I forget that my 20s are also meant to be enjoyed.  These are the young years.  We’re full of energy.  We have big dreams and see no reason why they can’t become our reality.  To my fellow peers, remember to take time to enjoy yourself and bask in the fact that you are still very much a child in the world.  Stop saying you’re getting old.  Stop thinking you’re “all grown up.”  You’re not.  You just got out of tutorial mode (school) and you JUST stared playing the game of life.  You have the rest of your life to “be an adult.”  There’s no rush.


Itulah beberapa jawaban atau nasihat yang telah saya rangkum. Bagi saya, nasihat diatas sangat bermanfaat sebagai bekal untuk mengawali kehidupan di usia 20 ini. Saya berharap kalian juga demikian. Ayo kita bersama-sama merancang hidup yang lebih baik di usia 20-an ini.

Semoga bermanfaat.

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