Alasan Mereka Tidak Betah Kerja di Google

Perusahaan seperti Google merupakan impian banyak orang. Fasilitas yang lengkap, jaminan kesehatan, tempat kerja yang menarik, jalan-jalan santai dengan sepeda, bisa makan sepuasnya dan gaji yang besar membuat semua orang bermimpi untuk dapat bekerja di sana.

Tetapi, untuk bekerja disana tentu tidak mudah. Google adalah raksasa teknologi, perusahaan teknologi yang paling ambisius di planet ini. Disana kita akan dengan mudah menemukan orang-orang jenius dengan latar pendidikan Master bahkan Doktor. Selain itu, Proses seleksi nya juga sangat ketat, kita akan bersaing dengan orang-orang berbakat dari seluruh dunia, dan Google hanya memilih yang terbaik dari yang terbaik.

Namun, bekerja di Google tidak seindah yang dibayangkan. Banyak dari mereka yang merasa tidak betah dan memilih resign dari Google.


Suatu hari saya coba mencari tahu, apa hal-hal yang tidak menyenangkan dari bekerja di Google, hingga saya sampai pada thread Quora di atas.

Jawaban dari mereka bermacam-macam namun sebagian besar berupa keluhan. Berikut sudah saya rangkum alasan mereka tidak betah bekerja di Google.

Anda Tidak Akan Mendapat Waktu Istirahat

“Work/life balance. What balance? All those perks and benefits are an illusion. They keep you at work and they help you to be more productive. I’ve never met anybody at Google who actually [took] time off on weekends or on vacations. You may not hear management say, ‘You have to work on weekends/vacations’ but, they set the culture by doing so – and it inevitably trickles down.”

Sulit Untuk Jujur Dengan Rekan-Rekan Anda

“It is really hard to discuss any issue unless it is your friend you are talking to,” said a former employee. “Objective discussions are pretty rare, since everybody’s territorial, and not interested in opinions of other people unless those people are Important Gods.”

 Keragaman Yang Kurang Pada Karyawan nya.

“They hire the same person over and over again,” said an anonymous commenter. “Same background, same 10 schools, same worldview, same interests.  It’s no exaggeration to say that I met 100 triathletes in my three years at Google. Only a handful of them were interesting people.”

Google Akan ‘Overpromise’ Selama Proses Perekrutan

“If you are in the process of gaining employment with Google, negotiate hard, be demanding, and make sure to get EVERYTHING in writing,” said a commenter who has been recruited by the company several times. “Google makes lots of vague promises, and seems to not deliver.”

Ruang Kantor Anda Dapat Menjadi Terlalu Kecil

“If you have to work in one of the four main campus buildings, you will most likely be extremely cramped. It’s not uncommon to see 3-4 employees in a single cube, or several managers sharing an office. With all the open areas for food, games, TV, tech talks, etc, it can be surprisingly hard to find a quiet, private place to think.”

Google Perusahaan Besar. Anda Sulit Memberikan Dampak Pada nya.

“I worked at Google for 3 years and it was very difficult to leave but there was one major factor that helped me make the decision – the impact I could ever have on the business as an individual was minimal. As noted in many answers below, Google is an incredible machine that prints money thanks to AdWords. Unless you are an amazingly talented engineer who gets to create something new, chances are you’re simply a guy/girl with an oil can greasing the cogs of that machine.”

Perilaku atau Budaya Yang Belum Dewasa

“It’s like never-never land – people never grow up.  They drink at all hours, socialize constantly, play games, and do little to no work.”

Mereka Bisa Menyewa Orang-Orang Terbaik – so *everyone* is overqualified

“There are students from top 10 colleges who are providing tech support for Google’s ads products, or manually taking down flagged content from YouTube, or writing basic code to A|B test the color of a button on a site.”

Menjadi Kurang Di Manfaatkan dan Itu Menjadi Mimpi Buruk

“I worked at one of the larger non-MV campuses, and the only intellectual stimulation I encountered in my time there was the interview process. Not that I met that many brilliant people, but I did meet a lot of fairly mediocre people that were convinced they were brilliant, and I saw a lot of political ass kissing. I worked under a team lead who hadn’t touched code in over two years, and had been incompetent as a programmer when she was one, with a tech lead who was okay at UX, but not much else.”

Ini Adalah Perusahaan Besar, Tetapi Hal-Hal Berjalan Lebih Lambat Dari Pada Startup Kecil

“The product release cycle is sluggish at best, and though teams may work and feel like startups, I found that you can often end up with the bad (long hours, grueling work) without the good (agile development, rapid iteration).”


Itulah beberapa keluhan dari mereka yang pernah bekerja di Google. Sebenarnya masih banyak tanggapan-tanggapan dari mereka, jika mau Anda bisa membaca sendiri disini. Tentunya, setiap orang mempunyai penilaian dan pandangan yang berbeda-beda.

Terlepas dari itu semua, Google tetap menjadi tempat yang baik untuk bekerja dan terus belajar.

Semoga Bermanfaat.

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